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Compiled May 2018

African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies

Hannah Forster, Executive Director or


Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies


            Chris Prentice, Chair of the Committee



Association of Commonwealth Archivists and Record Managers


            Margaret Procter, Hon. Secretary and Treasurer



Association of Commonwealth Universities




Association of Emerging Leaders Dialogue




Association of International Accountants




Basic Needs




Building Understanding through International Links for Development


            Nick Maurice, Founder



CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation


            No email contact. Postal address shown on website.


Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South


Commonwealth Association for the Ageing




Commonwealth Association for Health and Disability


            Uday Bodhankar, President



Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management


            Gay Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer



Commonwealth Association of Architects


            Nadeesha Yahampath, Acting Executive Director



Commonwealth Association of Law Reform Agencies


            Michael Sayers, Hon. General Secretary



Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel


            Ross Carter, Secretary



Commonwealth Association of Museums


            Ann Ramsden, Secretary General



Commonwealth Association of Paediatrics Gastroenterology and Nutrition


            No email contact. Website configured insecurely.


Commonwealth Association of Planners




Commonwealth Association of Science, Technology and Mathematics Educators





Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy


            Susan Spedding, Secretary General



Commonwealth Association of Tax Administrators




Commonwealth Boxing Council


            Simon Block, Hon. Secretary



Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network


            Arif Zaman, Executive Director



Commonwealth Consortium for Education




Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management


            Jenny Lewis, Executive Director



Commonwealth Countries’ League


            Tricia George, Hon. Secretary,


Commonwealth Dental Association


            Ulrike Matthesius, General Administrator,



Commonwealth Education Trust




Commonwealth Engineers Council




Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council




Commonwealth Fashion Council




Commonwealth Forestry Association


            Jim Ball, President



Commonwealth Games Federation




Commonwealth Geographical Bureau


            Tony Binns, President



Commonwealth Girls Education Fund





Commonwealth Human Ecology Council




Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative




Commonwealth Jewish Council




Commonwealth Journalists Association




Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute




Commonwealth Lawyers Association




Commonwealth Legal Education Association




Commonwealth Local Government Forum




Commonwealth Magistrates’ and Judges’ Association




Commonwealth Medical Association




Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation




Commonwealth Organisation for Social Work


            No website.


Commonwealth Parliamentary Association




Commonwealth Pharmacists Association





Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation


            No email contact. Website configured insecurely.


Commonwealth Trade Union Group





Commonwealth Veterinary Association





Commonwealth Youth Orchestra and Choir




Conference of Commonwealth Meteorologists




Conference of Commonwealth Postal Administrators


            No website.


Corona Worldwide




Council for Education in the Commonwealth




Forum of Federations




Institute of Certified Bookkeepers




Institute of Commonwealth Studies




International Federation of Human Rights




International Trade Union Confederation




Muslim Aid





NGOs Beyond 2014


            No website.


Pacific Island Association for NGOs




Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League




Royal Over-Seas League




SightSavers International




Soroptimist International




Sound Seekers




The Commonwealth Association




The Commonwealth Equality Network (TCEN)




The Commonwealth Resounds




The Commonwealth Women’s Network


            No website.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation




The Institute of Certified Management Accountants




The Ramphal Institute




Rotary International



The Round Table




The Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth




The Royal Commonwealth Society


            Annette Prandzioch, Chief Operating Officer



The Royal Lifesaving Society




Transparency International



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